Angel Wing Ashes into Silver Memory Cuff
Angel Wing Ashes into Silver Memory Cuff

Angel Wing Ashes into Silver Memory Cuff

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Our Memory Jewellery Collection, Simple, Beautiful and Handcrafted

This ashes into silver piece is created using pure silver for the wing this is where we set the ashes giving each wing a slightly different surface and crating a unique and personal piece. We then create the sterling silver cuff and add the wing to this sizing according to your needs.

The wing is made from pure 99% silver.

Cuff is made using 5 x 1.7mm sterling silver.

Personalising your Cuff:

We can personalise your cuff with stamping for no additional cost. Please make a note at the checkout of any stamping: symbols or words, you would like adding to your piece. 

As silversmiths, we pride ourselves on making pieces that are totally based around the customer's needs, and our memory jewellery range is a very warm and personal part of our role. Here at Coastal Silver, we will take care from the moment you contact us, to the delivery of your jewellery to be both understanding and respectful when adding your loved one's ashes into a beautiful piece of silver. Our prices reflect our customer-based approach to affordable quality jewellery.

Ashes can be posted to:

Coastal Silver

Delivery and returns

Upon receipt of your jewellery order our delivery time is usually 7 days for memory pieces.

Depending on the piece if you need making in a hurry or more info on timescales for the piece you are ordering pop us a message or give us a call on 07578266621 or 01472 602777

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please get in touch we like customers to be happy with all we do :)

We would like to issue a certificate of authenticity with each Memory piece we craft, if you would like one in your order just pop us a note at checkout telling us the name you would like on the certificate.