Organic Ashes into Silver Charm on Leather

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Our Memory Jewellery Collection, Simple, Beautiful & Handcrafted with Sterling Silver.

Our Memory Organic Charm on leather incorporates your loved ones ashes into the silver, each charm when forged takes on a different shape giving you a very private and unique memory piece.

If you are sending ashes through the post we recommend recorded delivery for your peace of mind, we need only a very small amount of ashes to complete your piece.

Send to Coastal Silver   3 Meridian point craft centre, off kings rd . Cleethorpes DN350AR. 

As silversmiths we pride ourselves on making pieces that are totally based around the customers needs, and our memory jewellery range is a very warm and personal part of our role. Here at Coastal Silver we will take care from the moment you contact us, to the delivery of your jewellery to be both understanding and respectful when adding your loved ones ashes into a beautiful piece of silver. Our prices reflect our customer based approach to affordable quality jewellery. And we are more than happy to say that we are supporting St Andrews Hospice by giving 10% of our memory jewellery sales to help them provide support at a difficult time..