Two Fingerprints Bar Necklace
Two Fingerprints Bar Necklace

Two Fingerprints Bar Necklace

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Personalised fingerprint necklace

We take the time to craft this beautiful and bespoke fingerprint necklace in sterling silver, settling for nothing other than perfection, creating a stunning and unique forever memory.

Each bar is handcrafted in sterling silver and measures approximately 35 to 45mm depending on the fingerprint size and any stamping.

Our two fingerprints bar necklace can be either just the prints or you can add a heart, star or & sign stamped in the centre , if you would like it customising in any other way pop us a message and we can see if its possible.

Sending us your prints

For the best results we ask that a hard copy be either posted to us or popped in store. Our address:

 Coastal Silver

Meridian Point Craft Centre                                                                             Cleethorpes
N. E. Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

We do recommend that all items being sent to us are sent signed for, for you own security and peace of mind.

How to do your fingerprints at home

All you need is: Plain white paper, a pencil and Sellotape

  1. Check that all fingers are clean and dry

  1. Using the pencil, scribble a square patch on the white paper, going over the same patch until dark in colour.

  1. Rub the finger over the pencil mark until pencil has transferred onto your finger

  1. Stick the sticky side of the sticky tape on the fingerprint and gently pull the tape away

  1. Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper and label with the person's name

  1. Repeat the process using a few different fingers until you have a print you are happy with.


Order take approximately 7 days from us receiving your prints.